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Celestial Modulator
Celestial Modulator
Blown Glass, Audio Signal, LED Light, Vintage Headphones, Found Objects
24” x 6 ½” x 6 ½”

Celestial Modulator Video - Click HERE

The Celestial Modulator questions time and space. Radio signals, from the point of broadcast, travel at the speed of light away from earth. Are these signals in our past? No, they exist in the present, light-years away in the outer depths of space.
This piece allows you to listen to old radio signals....there are some side effects however. Strange signals and unknown transmissions of unknown origin are picked up as well. Put on the headphones and tune in.

Complex audio signal: old time radio shows; numbers stations recordings; dual square wave oscillator - see the knobs? They Work! All this gets mixed into one signal and out put to the headphones while the signal modulates an LED inside the Dream Artifact to the audio.