Michael Tristan Importico - New Media Sculpture
Origin of the Dream ArtifactOrigin of the Dream Artifact - Close UpOrigin of the Dream Artifact - Cocoon Close-UpOrigin of the Dream Artifact - Patina ViewArtifact AmplifierDream Artifact Vacuum Tube - Close UpTranscendental BreathCelestial ModulatorYour Servant and Your Master
Dream Artifacts
This body of work tells the story of a dream, and how it crosses over to the physical reality in the cocoon vessel. The cocoon is the vessel and the Dream Artifact is what’s inside, this is the x-factor or the supernatural property of each work. This x-factor can be modulating and amplifying the memory of a log into an audible signal of the wind blowing through the leaves or receiving, from the depths of space, radio broadcasts from the nineteen-forties and beyond. Where do dreams and hope come from? What would the physical manifestation of one look like? Who would like to get their hands on this? Who has tried to suppress it? A dream is unique, beautiful and fragile, and must be protected.